Hello Sweet Reader,  First of all thank you for reading my blogs. I know you have so….much to choose from these days where inspiration and teaching is concerned. I am humbled and honored to be able to speak truths to you whenever I can. I will take that responsibility very seriously as I carefully handle the Word of God.

That is one thing that I can promise. I won’t just blog to blog. When I feel like God wants me to share a lesson that HE has taught me or a funny experience that may bless you I will. If not, I will keep my fingers quiet.

Well, about me; I am blessed to be a child of God. I am honored to be married to my husband Tommy of 20 years, and I am overjoyed and my cup runneth over to be raising four spectacular kids; Jake, Trav, Sara and Eli.

My nephew Kurt and my niece Angel are sort of my Spiritual children who fit in our family so beautifully, it helps me understand how God grafted us into His family with open arms and love.

I would feel terrible if I forgot to mention my dog Tyco. She is the most wonderful dog a family could ask for. She is a combintation of my husband and me. She is obsessed with discipline, order and a schedule (like me), but if the slightest red ball crosses her path, she can chase down fun till she has it giggling it’s heart out (like my sweet hubby).

I am a stay at home author, speaker, and lover of the Word of God. I need it, I ache for it and I am obsessed with Jesus, who is the Word made flesh.  He is my everything, and I am nothing without HIM.

That’s me in a nutshell.  Praying you enjoy this ride together.

Much love and prayers, Mo

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  1. Tabatha Helgeson says:

    Mo, I listened to all of your weeks of Anxious classes online and I was heart wrenched for your neice in your stories you shared. I’m almost worried to ask, but, how is she? I’ve waited a year to ask you in hopes I would catch word… but I haven’t and it has stayed with me as I’ve grown away from daily anxiety. I enjoy your refreshing sharing and pray for your family regularly 🙂 God bless!

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