No More Chasing Squirrels

No More Chasing Squirrels
Tyco and I went out for our walk today and it was gorgeous out. I think the weather was a perfect 70 degrees. As we were getting our walk on a playful squirrel stepped right in front of Tyco. Tyc looked at him, as if she was going to dart. I braced my shoulder for the inevitable pull I was getting ready to experience, but nothing. She just turned back, faced forward and kept on our path.
I giggled and said “Oh Tyc, back in the day you would have pulled my arm out of joint trying to get that little squirrel, but your older and wiser now. I’m proud of you.”
Oh y’all… are we older and wiser yet? Are we able to discern the paths and plans that God has for us and are we able to stick to those plans? Or are we quickly distracted by every little vermin and little fox that creeps in to try to get us off our path?
I am determined this year to keep my focus on Heavenly things, to keep my eyes on the prize Jesus and to keep my eyes faced forward so I don’t trip.
Will distractions creep in? No doubt! Satan is the author of confusion and he will continue to distract and disturb us as we pursue our spiritual goals and dreams.
But if we can fix our eyes and set our gaze straight ahead wisdom will be proven right by our actions.
Time is of the essence. People need Jesus!
The things of this world will pass. Let’s stop chasing squirrels and get marching on. It’s almost 2021🙏😄

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