A New Perspective

A New Perspective
This morning I woke up to these toys on the back porch. I told Tommy Mydlo and Eli that we weren’t picking them up last night as I wanted to give them a good cleaning today, so no need to pick up. I have to admit, that was tough on my OCD, but good for me.
I actually loved waking up to this.
A floor full of toys represents life, and love, and family closeness to me. It didn’t always. When my kids where little, sometimes the day to day chores wore on me. I would hear the devil’s lies and ugly whispers telling me that I wasn’t making any kind of difference in the world picking up toys, changing diapers and teaching my kids manners. The devil would try to get my mind on worldly passions and goals. I would feel frustrated many times with the beautiful season that I was in as a wife and mother.
But not today devil!
I know better!
I know how to decipher lies from truth by judging everything by the Word of God.
I know how short life is. I’ve lost loved ones who I would give my last dime to spend another day with here on Earth. I don’t waste time anymore.
I know how important the hospitality and love and nurturing and discipleship of the next generation is. I know the importance of keeping an eternal perspective.
I know I’m one person. One person cannot change the world. But… one person can truly change one person’s world.
I love the season I’m in right now. God is allowing me to write and teach and minister at a local level, so that I can be the best wife and mother and Mimi I can be while still affecting people across the globe with the truths of God’s Word.
I’ve learned to embrace the boundaries I’ve been given. I’ve learned to be content. I’ve learned to stop and smell every rose. I realized that they always smell the sweetest when picked by little hands. 💙

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”
‭‭Mommies, don’t rush this!
Don’t listen to the devil’s lies! Your job is the most important one on the planet.
Don’t tire of the daily tasks. You’ll miss them someday.
Set your minds on the Kingdom impact you are making in your precious home with your precious family.
I love you mommies.

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