5A869225-7A1F-4DD1-95C3-D2C401B6587AIt’s getting a little chillier outside since it’s January. This morning the windows in the house were fogged up. During my prayer time I looked out back to glimpse at the sunrise and I noticed the fog on the windows. So, of course I did what any very mature 46 year old would do. I wrote with my finger in the glass.

Our memories are such amazing things. As I was writing a love note to Jesus I could feel myself ten years old  in the way back of my parents old station wagon, riding back from Grandma Carr’s house. It was chilly to touch because we lived in upstate NY but my sister Annie and I would always feel the need to remove our mittens or gloves and pen our names or something special in the glass to make our mark. I remember it driving my mom nuts all of the fingerprints we would leave. But, we simply couldn’t resist.

Isn’t it crazy how memories can pop back up like that? Good and bad memories of times past can be drawn up so easily. The human brain is truly remarkable.

I think that memories are one of the most amazing gifts that God gives us. As the river of time rolls on, we can always go back to simpler times in our imaginations and rejoice and thank God for the blessings that we have received. We can’t get hung up there though. After all, the gift of today is the best gift that God has given us.

Every new sunrise represents a fresh start, a new day and a chance for a different perspective. Too much focus on yesterday or tomorrow can trip us up and steal our today. It’s such a blessing when God draws up an old fun memory for us. Savor those moments but don’t stay there too long. His true gifts are packaged in the present moments of today!
Trust and obey! All that’s real is today!
Make today amazing.

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