Swallow It

Yesterday while I was drinking my coffee and praying I watched three birds on my fence jumping over each other and switching places. After a few minutes they looked like they were dancing together one on one. I said “Tommy, look at those birds dancing.” He giggled and said “Mo, those birds aren’t dancing they are fighting. Fighting for dominance.” As I watched more carefully, I thought “ooh, you are right.” They were in a serious pride fight. Have you ever been in one? Have you ever spent hours of your day rehearsing words to say next in the argument? Have you lost sleep holding onto pride that is stealing your joy and robbing your peace? I know I have. My selfish nature has caused me so many times to want to be right more than want to be at peace. But, thank God my Holy Spirit, who craves peace, is stronger than my mind, body and emotions. Thank God that my Holy Spirit gets the last word.

I have learned that humility brings peace, pride brings strife. Philippians 2:3 says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,”

I think I try to do this a lot, but sometimes when it comes to an argument about something I feel strongly about, I have to purposely remember that I need to value other people’s opinion’s as well as mine if I want to remain in the perfect peace God has for me. It truly is a decision. My flesh hates it. But then again, my flesh hates anything good and healthy for me. Our flesh wants selfishness and sin. Our flesh doesn’t get a vote. We have to submit to our Spirit, The Holy Spirit. So, I swallow my pride. 

God said to me this morning while I was just waking up, “Pride goes down much easier if you swallow it quickly. If you let it linger, it grows.” Ever noticed that? Ever noticed the longer the pride fit, the harder it is to swallow and forgive? Pride is ugly. It’s nothing that we should desire to walk in because in the end it leads to destruction in some way. Humility comes before honor, pride causes destruction. I want honor, I don’t want destruction, so I choose to humble myself.

I really don’t know what those birds were fighting over and I really don’t know who won. I guess the truth is, in arguments like that, nobody really wins, until we forgive and forget and let God teach us a lesson. Yes, we can win a new sense of brotherly love every time we choose peace over being right.

Peace is so worth it. I don’t need to be right. I need to be free. Do you need to swallow something prideful today? Let me encourage you to take a big drink of Living Water and mix it with a large portion of The Bread of Life. That perfect combination can help you suck anything up.

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