Ignore Every Frog

Frogs gross me out! Ok, I said it. I probably will lose a couple animal loving friends for this post, but I have to be honest. I love nature. I love animals. I love almost every living creature. But, frogs (oh and skunks), I have no love for. It hasn’t always been this way. This is sort of a new yuck, yuck, relationship I have with frogs

Frogs seem to be what the enemy will use to keep me from complete surrender to outdoor worship with Jesus. Ok, you knew there was a story, so here it is.

I love my prayer swing on my back porch. It is a place I go to when I need to spend quiet time with Jesus or to have a nice talk with someone else that I love. Well, my Tommy and I were talking one night on the swing about how happy we were for our Pastor and his wife Caroline to see the church growing like it is. I am not kidding you, I spoke out the words, “I am so happy for Pastor Jason and Caroline, I love how God is blessing them.” Then immediately, I felt something wet and slimy slide down from my head to the side of my cheek. No, the frog didn’t jump on me, it pooped on me! I KNOW RIGHT????

I looked up and saw a giant frog immediately above me and I realized the disgusting thing that had happened. I ran straight to the shower. I was so grossed out. When I got out of the shower Tommy and I giggled and said, “Satan did not want to hear us happy for our pastor or church and he sent a nasty frog to tell us”

I know some of you analytical people will say, “Oh Mo, that’s just a coincidence.” But, I’m telling you, this isn’t the only time frogs have interuppted a sacred time with me and Jesus.

Today as I was studying about abiding in Christ, I kept hearing a gurgling sound outside the screen. I ignored it a few times and went back to reading. Then it gurgled again. I looked out at my pool, and of course a huge bullfrog was doing the backstroke in my pool. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not scared of the thing. One big pool net will scoop that thing out in no time, I’m just annoyed by it, because it kept distracting me from studying.

Listen, I sat back down to talk to God and He was like, “Mo, ignore it!” I am serious. I think God was laughing at my inability to focus. I mean, it was a frog, not a bullhorn being blown. I am able to overcome way bigger distractions than that. But, these frogs… they have been bugging me.

Isn’t this how we can get? We can let the dumbest things interfear with our time with God and doing the things we are called to do. We can let notifications and phone calls and texts and doorbells keep us from our mission and purposes so easily. Our abiding can get interupted by our networking. It literally has to be something we purposely stand up against.

Distractions are the devil’s favorite tool. He is able to stay hidden so well from his agenda as it’s tough to blame the devil for a frog peeing. But, when you know you have God’s agenda as your agenda you better expect that there will be a ton of distractions to overcome and ignore. You better get really good and saying “Not today devil.”

So yes, now I’m back to my prayer swing and back to studying. I’m not even going to scoop him out of the pool yet. Let him have his little morning swim. I’m busy abiding in the vine! I’m busy spending time loving my Jesus. But, to be honest,  every few minutes, I do look up, just to make sure nothing is hovering over me. “Not today froggy!”



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1 Response to Ignore Every Frog

  1. Cindy Gandee says:

    Mo, I was just at the Woman’s conference in Clermont this past weekend andI totally enjoyed your message. You were perfect to speak right after lunch! You have so much energy and you were engaging!

    Oh my Mo, I agree with you! 100,000%! I hate those sticky and gross frogs! I try not to open my front door after it rains or when they are crawling on the window. Eeeekkkk! I can’t sleep knowing one is in my house!

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