I Don’t Care

I was just walking Tyco and I had a revelation. It was a serious moment between me and God where I said “Yes, Lord, you are right, I really don’t care.”

What don’t I care about? I’m glad you asked. Well, for a second I thought I cared about one of the yards in my neighborhood looking overgrown and messy. I had a moment where I formed a judgement about their yard skills immediately in my head. Then The Holy Spirit quickly convicted me and I realized that I don’t know them at all, and I have no idea what is going on in their lives that could be contributing to the neglect of their lawn. Then I quickly repented and said “Yes, Lord, I really don’t care about their lawn. I just care if they know Jesus.”

Then I realized, that’s really all I care about. I know that sounds generalized but it’s true. I actually thought about it and I used to care about so many things that don’t matter.

I used to care about your political opinions. Not anymore, I just care if you know Jesus.

I used to care about whether or not you had a natural birth or a C-section. Not anymore I just care about whether you teach your baby about Jesus.

I used to care about whether you choose to homeschool or send your kids to public  school. Not anymore, I just care about whether you and your kids know Jesus .

I don’t care about what church you go to, though I would invite you to my church anytime. I just care that you know Jesus.

I used to care about clothes and cars and whether I have a tan or if my roots are showing but not anymore, I just care about everyone I come in contact with knowing I love Jesus and that I’d love to share Him with them.

I am able to drop my opinions and preferences about things so quickly now that I have a new perspective. It’s the “I don’t care” perspective. I think it comes with spiritual maturity. You see, I don’t care about things that won’t matter in eternity. Life is too short and I want to have and enjoy every minute that God has for me while I am here.

I care about loving God and loving people and that’s really it! I care about making memories with my loved ones that will last well beyond my time here. I care about leaving a legacy for Jesus.

Yes, Jesus is truly who I’ve learned to cast all of my cares on. He takes what I don’t need to think about and He leads me minister to the people who He cares about reaching. It’s truly a perfect exchange. He cares for me and I care about His plans and purposes.

Y’all, today, if you are burdened by details of things that are not going to make a difference in the population of Heaven, I have some advice for you. It will lead you into so much peace. Right now, learn these simple three words. They really are freeing.

I don’t care!

I hope it’s a blessing, because I do care about you. 🙂



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