There are always weeds to pull

I love working in my garden. It’s so peaceful. I usually listen to the Word of God while I plant, water, trim and weed.

I looked out the sliding glass window today and I thought, there’s nothing to do in the garden today.  Then I felt like walking out and getting a closer look. Wow, I was wrong.

I heard in my Spirit, there are always weeds to pull. So I turned on the Book of John and I started pulling weeds.

I thought about the spiritual weeds I have been pulling lately. I thought about the doubt that was creeping in at the door yesterday for someone I love and have been studying the Word with. I thank God that we rebuked that ugly spirit of doubt together and moved on quickly in Faith.

I thought about the weed of fear that was pushing up through the garden of blessing  for someone else I love. I thanked God  that I had been able to pray with him, talk with him and extinguish that flaming arrow of the evil one, by his side as he returned to faith.

I thought about the weed of distraction that I had to pray off of myself last week as I was knee deep in a writing deadline and all my flesh wanted to do was everything, except writing. I thanked God that He reminded me that I have the fruit of Self-Control and that I was able to push through the distractions and finish my work.

Yes, I realized, even when the garden looks great from a distance, there are always weeds to pull. It’s kind of the same in life. We can put on a happy face to the world, but inside, when we are too long from out last talk with Jesus or too long from a bath in His Word, the weeds and thorns of life will try to creep in making us unfruitful.

But when we realize where we are at, we can quickly say, “Not today Satan! And yank out those weeds quicker than they can take root. All we need is the power of The Spirit inside of us keeping us on track, and The Name of Jesus and The Word of God On on our tongue. There’s not a weed in this world that can stand against those gardening tools!

I love working in God’s garden.


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