Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Eli just started playing spring baseball. He hasn’t played baseball in a league in two years as he was mostly focusing on basketball. Tommy and Eli discussed playing this season and before I knew it, last night I was sitting at his second practice.

This season sort of intimidated Eli. He was  nervous about coming in after two seasons off and not being at the level he felt he should be to play with these other kids. Tommy and I just kept telling him, “Eli, you are going to do great. You are a natural and God is going to use you on the team.” I could see Eli’s anxiety welling up during the first practice and going into the second. He wasn’t nervous about fielding. I could tell, he was nervous to get into the batter’s box.

As batting practice went on last night Eli kept fielding the ball as each player took their turn stepping up to hit. I kept thinking “ok, maybe he’s next.” Turns out Eli was the last hitter to hit. By the time Eli was in the box I am going to tell you, Jesus and I had been talking for a while.

I just kept saying, “Lord, give him your strength. Give him your grace. Lord, help him to make contact. God, help it to feel good to him.”  Oh… I just kept praying.

When Eli stepped up to hit, one of his coaches kept repeating, the same things, “Eli, see the ball. Eli, don’t take your eye off it for a second. Eli, stop dancing in the box and just watch it.” E did just what he told him and after about three misses, the hits started coming. First they were fouls, then boom straight on. The coach kept saying, “There’s a hit! That’s a base hit. Keep your eyes set.” Just like Tommy thought he would be, Eli was hooked on baseball again. Our boy who walked out on the field full of anxiety, walked off of the field full of courage. There’s something about keeping our eyes on the ball.

Of course, it hit me in my Spirit that this is just the same in our walks with Christ! We have to keep our eyes on the prize, Jesus! We have to fix our eyes on Jesus and not lose our stare for a second. We are going to swing and miss a lot, but if we can just stay in the race, relying heavily on grace, we are going to hit some base hits for The Kingdom of God.

We all want to be home-run hitters, but base hits win games. What are some base hits in our walks? Maybe it’s, complimenting someone or encouraging  someone in their faith, or maybe helping a single mom change a tire. Maybe a base hit in the Kingdom is inviting an unbeliever to church and they actually say yes and join you.

You know, all we really have to do to experience victory in this life lived for Christ is to keep our eyes on Jesus and keep swinging. Keep on loving God. Keep on loving people. Keep on making disciples. It’s not a home-run hitter that gets us wins for the Kingdom. It simply a lot of us stepping up to the plate and keeping our eyes on Him! We have to stop dancing in the box and just keep our eyes on Jesus!


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