Seeking His Voice


I heard a woman with a prophetic mantle on “It’s Supernatural” speaking about how to hear from God. It was so helpful to me and I have been spending a lot of my quiet time with God lately, doing a lot more listening than speaking.

Here are a few things I believe God has been saying.

1) May we always be a people who bow. Bow to The King of Kings and to The Name of Jesus and not to making a name.

2) Sorrow upon sorrow it causes Me when My people are cast into Satan’s net that he is using with the bait of popularity and fame.

3) My Name and renown should be the joy of your heart.

4) Exalt yourself and you’ll be humbled. Humble yourself to exalt Me and The Name will be glorified.

5) Snore Mo! Rest to the point that you snore. You don’t have to keep one eye peeled at all times. Snore a good snore.

6) Jesus is the only acceptable sacrifice. I desire mercy from you, not sacrifice.

7) My people perish for lack of knowledge. Fill The temple with knowledge.

8) Train yourself to be godly. Research and study.

9) Love is the key ingredient in obtaining a life lived for me. If love is absent, it will fail.

10) Raise up a banner. The key to witnessing my heart is by soaking in my presence and my Word. Soak and sit.

The Word is very true. Seek Him! He wants to be found by us. He has so much to say. I’m learning to just be quiet and listen.

Love you

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