There’s Always Someone Watching

This morning my daughter Sara came out to join me on my prayer swing. I was doing my bible study and spending quiet time with The Lord, and my girl came out to do the same thing. As she sat down next to me with her journal and bible, my heart smiled. I silently thanked The Holy Spirit for her decision to start her day in The Word.

The funny thing is, it reminded me of something. It made me think of her at 3 years old. I was a stay at home mom and Sara was with me non-stop. She was like my little shadow. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without little fingers opening up the door or talking to me through the door if the door was locked.

Once a week my best friend Mary would come over to hang out with me in the evening to do bible study together on our back porch. Tommy would hang out with the boys and Sara in the house, but Sara always managed to make her way onto the porch with Mar and me. I can still hear her little baby voice say, “I do baa -bull study.” I would say, “Sar, go back in with Daddy, me and Miss Mar are having Mommy time.” But, she would keep persisting until my friend Mar couldn’t take the cuteness anymore, and she would pick her up and put her on her lap. Needless to say, Sara always found a way to make her way into “Mommy time.” I look back today and thank God that she did.

How precious it is to me as a mother of a grown woman to watch Sara choose to study God’s Word daily, follow His commands and choose to walk in obedience to Him. My heart almost bursts thinking about it. This morning as she sat next to me, I prayed silently to The Lord,  “God, someone is always watching aren’t they?”

Yes, our children are watching us. They learn what they live. Children copy their parents until they find their own way of doing things in this world. Our children are the most important audience we will ever have and we must protect and respect that gift with all that we are.

Others are watching too. People are watching to see if our lives line up with our sermons. People want to see if we practice what we preach. People are curious to see behind the closed doors of our homes and hearts. Are we truly who we portray ourselves to be on our social media accounts and out in public?

I pray that I am. I mean, I think what a travesty it would be to spend your lifetime on mission to save souls, but in the meantime, find out that your family barely knows who you are, or even worse, recognizes a hypocrite and decides that this “life lived for Christ” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. To be real and raw and trustworthy is something I strive to be each day in front of my family and loved ones. Do I mess up? Oh heck yes. Thank God for His grace and mercy.

As I asked God today, “”God, someone is always watching, aren’t they?” I felt Him comfort me and encourage me to just keep pursuing Him, trusting Him and honoring Him, and those onlookers will have no stones to throw.

1 Peter 2:12 actually says, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us. ” As Christians, that’s truly the goal, to live in such a way that glorifies God and causes others to want to glorify Him. You see, none of us are perfect, but if we can just keep on keeping on, loving God, loving people, and making disciples, and living God-fearing lives wherever we are,  those watching us will hopefully want to join us.

Yes, there’s always someone watching.

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