Relationships Require Repairs

I was outside in my garage painting some furniture like I often do. I could hear a couple houses down one of my neighbor’s roof being tore off and replaced. It is just one of the many roofs (including ours) in our neighborhood that has been replaced in the past year. The Florida sunshine and tropical storms require our houses to have strong roofs to protect us from the elements. I am happy for my neighbors.  It will look great when it’s done.

I was painting a chair and dipping into areas of the chair with the paint that were hard to reach, and I thought, just like this chair has weathered, and my neighbor’s roof has weathered and requires repair, many relationships are in need of some TLC to be repaired and preserved as well.

Marriages for instance are kind of like furniture and homes. If you just ignore the upkeep necessary and ignore the signs of weathering, decay will set in. Homes and furniture require attention and people require attention. Homes and furniture require time and work. Marriages require time and work.

The Word encourages couples to submit to each other out of reverence for the Lord. Submitting doesn’t just mean sex. Submitting doesn’t just mean letting the other spouse win in an argument. Submitting is a heart issue. Submitting means, I sign over my own agenda sometimes, to make yours feel important. Submitting means, not always having to get your own way and not always needing to have the last word.

Submitting to each other out of reverence for the Lord, lets God know, that you are thankful for the partner that God gave to you. We not only should thank God for our spouse with our mouths,  we should show God how thankful we are for our spouse, by loving them and submitting to their needs.

I love redoing furniture. With every move of my arm in sanding, with every stroke of the brush in painting, I am able to watch the old become new. This can happen in relationships as well. A little extra attention to your spouse’s needs, a little extra encouragement in what your spouse is doing, and a little extra time spent together, can completely transform a marriage or any relationship.

It’s a beautiful before and after.

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