Build Something Together

IMG_3463This morning I had my first actual day off in a long time. Well, both Tommy and I did. We have been working around the clock for the past 6 weeks to build Unforsaken Treasures Resale Shop to support our mission, to help women renew their minds in the Word of God and to help women and children locally and globally.

Well, since it was our first morning off in a while, as I was doing my morning devotions on my back porch I realized how badly my lawn needed mowing. So I told Tommy, that was first on my list today. He gladly offered to use the weed eater while I mow.

As I was riding in circles listening to the soothing sounds of the white noise of my John Deere, I would every couple of minutes pass Tommy going the other way weeding. He would smile at me and I would smile back.

He finished weeding and grabbed the broom as I finished mowing and as I was doing the last few rounds, talking to God I said “Thank you Lord for a husband I can build things with.”

We truly built our Resale store together with my friend Patty and her husband and family and several volunteers. It was a lot of work, but never anything I wished I wasn’t doing. I enjoyed the journey and I still am as I’m now training my manager and volunteers to run it

Even more than building the store together, I’m thankful that God has allowed Tommy and I a chance to build a family together and a home together and a mission together. Tommy always says, “People have hobbies that take up their time. Our hobby is Jesus.” We’ve built our lives around Him and on trusting in His Promises in His Word and we’ve never regretted one second of it.

Tommy and I have been married for almost 25 years. Our first couple years before we knew Jesus were built around ourselves with tools of selfishness and greed. Once we met Him, He changed our hearts. We slowly began realizing that the scripture is so true, “in Him we live and move and have our being.” Now, Tommy is right, serving Jesus is pretty much our thing!

I thank God we love to build together. There’s a country song that says “I’m proud of the house we built.” I sing that song often when we are working together taking care of the gift God has given us of a home.

If you are married and you are struggling in your marriage, may I suggest you sit down together and talk about, “what’s our thing?” If it isn’t about loving God and loving people, maybe make a few shifts and see if things don’t turn around. I don’t know, seems like a good idea to me. It’s worked for us so far! In Jesus’ name!


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