My Life’s Work

untitledWhen most people talk about what their life’s work is, it usually involves a business they have opened that they have spent years preparing for. Sometimes they will use this phrase after they have written their thesis, or have received some sort of accolade or community award or something. This morning, I was meditating on what my life’s work is, my loved ones and family.

As I stood in the driveway like I do every morning, praying over my family as Tommy walks Eli to the bus stop, I watched my bluebird who lives in my front tree, do his morning driveway cross from one tree to the other. I watched my dog Tyco stand guard under her tree, and count Eli’s feet as they step up the steps to the bus, as she stares down the 3 squirrels that come out each morning to torture here and tempt her to lose her position. As I watched Tommy walk back from the bus, I thought; “this little home right here on this little street, is my life’s work.”

My Sara woke up and came out and asked me to help her make a quick batch of brownies for a “teacher appreciation meeting” she forgot she had. We whipped them up quick as she got ready for school, then she sat down with Tommy and I for breakfast and she opened up about her leadership meeting she was at last night at church. She shared with us her love for outreach, and how she feels God leading her towards that area of ministry. If my physical heart could have grown the way it felt like it was growing emotionally for me at that point, it probably would have exploded out of my chest. I mean, my girl, wanting to serve in the same capacity she watched me serve for years, through trials and persecutions, joys and wins. She really is choosing to care for the least of these, even after growing up in it her whole life? I couldn’t say enough thank yous to Jesus in my Spirit.

Tommy started packing up his briefcase for work, telling me his schedule for the day, and I just started washing the brownie dishes. I said to him, “This is my life’s work.” It is the joy of my heart to have an open home for my nephew’s and nieces to hang out in until later in the evening when mom and dad are due home from their out-of-town appointments. It is my life’s work to make Rice Krispie treats and watch TV with all of them last night until I went into bed and thanked God for all of those precious souls in my living room.

It’s my life’s work to make Sunday dinner and host my family for spaghetti and meatballs. I loved watching everyone’s face last night as my nephew Kurtis and his wife Angel walked in with their new baby so we could all take turns holding him and taking pics and handing them presents. It’s the joy of my life to encourage Angel as a wife and mother as Tommy disciples Kurtis as a husband and a father.

It’s my life’s work to watch my children grow. It’s my life’s work to encourage my husband in his plans and purposes, It’s my life’s work to care for this home that means so much more to me than four walls and a foundation and roof. This home is where my children have grown up. They have dug their roots deep in Christ and are growing strong in Him the same way those old Oaks are out front.

I know most people would think it would be books or ministries started or community projects that would be my life’s work. Yes, those are precious to me and I thank God for each thing He has allowed me to work on under His leadership. But, those things suffer in comparison to what really matters to me. My life’s work is my tribe that I do life with. I am grateful for every day that God gives me with them.

My life’s work is watching my family discover thier life’s work. Nothing better than that.


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11 Responses to My Life’s Work

  1. Crysloves says:

    It’s one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever received from you. Watching the love of your family. The laughter the smiles the memories you all make. It warms my heart and gives me hope. It’s what I desire for my family as we continue to grow each day in our home and set up roots that are newly planted in Christ. I desire to be the woman who loved her family whole through Christ and one day I pray they have a large pure family as you do.

    • momydlo says:

      You are an inspiration to me and one of the deepest encouragers in the faith that God has given me. I love you sis! You are precious to me.

  2. Kimmi says:

    This just made my day! Glad my kids could come to your house last night ❤️ JLE

  3. Very good observation Mo! I have reached out and taught many, but that fails in comparison to the example I leave with the world. I think you have stumbled across the secret of genuine discipleship. We are called to be the light to the world and that comes through our life story. Keep shining bright sister!

  4. Nicole says:

    Amen sister. Being mentally and physically available to each member of your tribe is a job in itself. I love that our ministry is our home first! I love also that God provides a way and opportunity to minister outside ourselves as well.

  5. momydlo says:

    Yes and amen!!!

  6. lspaig says:

    Love this Mo. I never give myself the credit because I didn’t earn the degree or make the big bucks. I cared for my family and always put them 1st. And, when I look into the faces of my children and grandchildren I know I’m fulfilling a greater purpose. And that is guiding and caring for his children while here on this earth. The rewards will be far greater than anything I could receive here when I look in the face of my savior and he says “Well Done”. ❤

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