During a Storm

This morning I found out some terrible news about one of my oldest son’s friends. He suffered an explosion accident and it left his body covered in burns and he is now in critical care. The news brought immediate tears to my eyes and knot in my stomach. I put myself in his parents’ spot. I pictured their agony, watching him suffer in pain as they pray for his life. I am struggling to get the words out right now on paper.  I found this out through a go-fund me post that someone put on facebook. I realized how close we are to this poor young man and I begged for support online for the family with whatever anyone can do.

As I was crying reading it I scrolled down. My finger on my phone gave me the ability to pray, give, share, then resume scrolling again…I was immediately convicted. I cried out to Holy Spirit, “His parent’s can’t just scroll down. They are in it Lord! They are hurting Lord. They need YOU. Why does the world continue to spin when we hurt? It hurts Lord! I know how they feel! I’ve lost real, humans who I would have died for and when I watched the world continue to keep living and laughing and moving and breathing, it didn’t feel fair!”

I don’t know if you are as real with God as I am. But, God knows when I beg Him for things, and I was begging Him for healing for this young man. But, I was also begging Him for strength to be ok watching life go on all around hurting souls who cannot escape their storm.  My heart just couldn’t help feeling, “what if this was my son?”

You know, social media is a blessing and a curse. It’s great for marketing and keeping in touch with people with pictures and such. But, it can also be a very cold and unreal way to react to life. We say a quick prayer for those who ask for it, or we say we will pray and then we scroll. The next thing we know we are on to a “what kind of dog are you?” game or a “top vacation spots” blog. We have to remember what is real and we have to remember that flesh and blood humans are behind these keyboards asking for prayers because they are truly hurting. Let us not ever forget this.

The Word says;Psalm 55:6-8 And I say, “If only I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest. Yes, I would go far away. I would live in the desert. I would hurry to my safe place, away from the wild wind and storm.”

We need to remember that those who are in a storm right now, can’t just scroll down and move on. It’s not wrong if we do, but I guess I wanted to say to myself and to all of us; If we say we are praying, let’s truly be praying. When you are in a storm and someone prays for you when they say they will; something supernatural happens and we are given a precious gift of hope. Sometimes that hope; can get us up out of bed another day.

Please pray for my son’s friend Kris.

Thank you for letting me share my heart with you.






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3 Responses to During a Storm

  1. Loree says:

    God never ceases to amaze me! That our Maker would actually know me, right where I am…well…..I simply can’t find the words to convey the feeling that evokes. I was blessed beyond blessed to be led to your ministry last week. I have battled that horrific monster we call “anxiety” for 30, yes…THIRTY years. If someone had told me in my 20’s that “it” would still be a part of me, I would have been horrified and, if possible, even MORE anxious. This is not the type of anxiety where people say…”I’ve tried relaxation, it really helped me” or “This yoga class at the Y was the best thing ever” or “have you tried that EMDR thing”? but full blown anxiety in the true sense of living it every moment. The 24/7 variety. I am 54 years old and this monster has always lurked but decided to make a full blown introduction to me when I was 24 years old. My late husband took me to The Mayo Clinic after my first true panic attack (of which I no longer have; it has now morphed into GED, the Grandaddy to panic attacks).
    A wonderfully caring woman from my church loaned me a copy of your book “Overcoming Anxiety”. I politely took it while inside wanting to tell her that I have a library FULL of anxiety books, dvd’s , cassette tapes (which will show just long I have sought the magic bullet to take tame the monster), brochures, bookmarks, printed blogs……etc. etc. However, when I sat down and read your first chapter, I knew God had placed that book in my hands. I more than had a tear as I read each syllable of each word you offered. I was home alone but wanted to say “Hey! There is someone out there that is kinda sorta like ME!”.
    I left FB last week after ignoring God’s nudge for me to do so for some time. The “nudge” if I am honest with myself was more of one of those moments where it is almost as He jots and note and lets it drift down into your hands. “Dedicate as much time as you do on FB to getting closer to “Me” and my purpose for your earthly walk”. I listened. It is difficult, however. Old habits die hard and truth be told, I miss it.
    When I read your blog this morning about this young man that is suffering; my immediate thought was the physical pain he is enduring. There is little more painful that a severe burn, even on one small part of your body let alone your entire body. God, please show mercy on this young man! To be his Mother and know her child is suffering….there are no words, just pure heartache.
    After all my rambling (and yes, I do ramble on at times…well…more times than not), your words opened my eyes to God’s affirmation of leaving FB. There are other ways of me “staying in touch” should I choose to. So much affirmation in such a small amount of time. So amazing, so humbling. What an incredible feeling for you to know that you’ve been used an instrument for Him….to minister to someone you’ve never even met.
    I thank you for following God’s “nudge” for you to form a ministry. I thank you for your words that can come only from someone that carries “the thorn in one’s side” aka anxiety.
    Although I do not know this family personally, I will not scroll over the need for prayer for them all. May God show His mercy on Kris and his family, please, Lord, please……please carry them today and in the days to come……
    Thank you for sharing your emotion today and I will be praying for you as you make your own way through the sadness that this tragedy has created in your heart.

    • momydlo says:

      I am so blessed to know that you have my book in your hands and that you realize, you are not alone. Anxiety is a tormenting monster that can be tamed by the power The Holy Spirit, The Word and our dedication to speaking the Word to our deceptive hearts. I am an overcomer, not an overcamer and when tough days like today happen, I must dig deep and practice every message I have ever preached. God is Good and merciful and slow to anger and abounding in love and He will get all of the glory as we learn to trust in His perfect peace that passes all understanding. I appreciate you sharing this with me. God bless u!

  2. lspaig says:

    Well said Mo, I think so many continue to scroll. I use FB as my sole social media site. People don’t even email anymore. But when I log on I ask God to 1st put in front of me those in need of prayer, and he always does. And, I don’t just type “praying”, but rather close my eyes in that moment and ask the Lord for what the person needs. I post prayer daily and am told often how much it is appreciated and needed. I will pray for Kris…<3

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