If God is So Good, Why Would He Allow This?

If God is So Good, Why Would He Allow This?

Ever heard this argument from non-believers about our amazing Savior; “Why would God allow sickness, and poverty, and disease and natural disasters and just plain hurt? Why would God allow these things to happen if He is so good?” I know most of us born-again, Spirit filled believers have heard this question posed at least once in our journey from someone we have shared the gospel with, who chooses to say No to Jesus.
They decide that because of all of the pain in this fallen world, there must not be a God or He would have fixed it by now.
But, guess what I have discovered…Even many Christians try to figure out God. We try to question His motives, worry that He won’t say yes to our prayers, and set cold hard deadlines for God to follow, or we become bitter.
Even Ezekiel struggled with this in the Old Testament. God was telling Him of His impending judgment on Israel and what had to happen because they were worshipping idols. God called Ezekiel to go and tell them about what was going to happen to them because of their sin. God prepared him literally for the opposition that he would face, by hardening his forehead in case of stoning. God said; “I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint. Do not be afraid of them or terrified of them even though they are a rebellious house.” God made Ezekiel literally eat a scroll with the words that He wanted him to say to the people, and God made it taste like honey.
You see, Ezekiel was obedient in everything that God told him to do….until, it affected his family.
Ezekiel 11:13-14 says; “Now as I was prophesying, Pelatiah son of Benaiah died. Then I fell facedown and cried out in a loud voice, “Ah, Sovereign Lord! Will you completely destroy the remnant of Israel?” The word of The Lord came to me; “Son of man, your brothers-your brothers who are your blood relatives and the whole house of Israel- are those of whom the people of Jerusalem have said, ‘They are far away from the Lord; this land was given to us as our possession.'”
You see, Ezekiel was sold out to serve The Lord, but as soon as one of his blood relatives was killed, he started to question God’s motives. Yes, we really haven’t changed much in 4000 years. We question God’s love towards us when our loved ones are affected.
And, I am no different. When I was losing my 1 year old great niece to cancer while in danger of losing our house, and at the same time burning out like an old candle at work, I started to ask God; “Why?” I wanted Him to explain to me what I did to deserve all of these things happening to me, me, me!!! But, guess what? God didn’t ever give me a clear answer. I guess He decided that I didn’t need to know.
As I look back today, I think I understand what He was doing. He was refining me, breaking me and preparing me for true ministry, ministry that understood how hurting people feel instead of just saying I understand. No, I really walked through hurt, so I can help other hurting people now and not just have it be empty words I am handing them.
You see, God doesn’t waste pain. He doesn’t allow these tough things to happen for no reason. He allows them to happen so that someday our misery can become our ministry. He showed me that one thing remained true during all of these hard times; I WAS NEVER ALONE! I was UNFORSAKEN! Hence, Unforsaken Ministries.
But, still today, I don’t ever claim to have the answer to the question; “Why does God allow bad things to happen to “good” people?” I simply tell them what I heard an awesome pastor say one time; “I don’t want to serve a God who is so little that I understand everything He is doing.” I serve The King of all Kings and The Lord of all Lords! There is no God like Jehovah!

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