Tyco Herds Again!

This morning I found myself for about the thousandth (don’t know if that’s a word) time walking barefoot out to the middle of my lawn fetching my flip flop. I should know by now, not to leave my shoes at the back door. You see, my dog Tyco is a Border Collie, and she has a natural instinct to herd things. When she is out on my parent’s land she is in Heaven, as they have cows that she barks at, circles and bosses around until they do what she wants, then she moves on to the horse.

But, at home. Tyco is drastically reduced to herding kids and flip flops. She has created jobs for herself, that i read is typical for Border Collies who find they have too much time on their hands. She knows every kid in the neighborhood, she lovingly greets them as they get off the bus. Her other self-induced job is; “bus monitor”. Some kids make it a habit to stop in the front lawn just to visit with her each day because if they don’t; she gives them an earful of barking and begging until they cave.

Tyco seems to want to herd shoes and anything left at her level on the back porch, bringing them out to the front yard for all to see. It is as if she is proud to show off her herding skills, no matter what the homeowners association thinks of her obsessiveness. So, i just walk out front, and fetch them back. After all, I don’t want to stomp on her beautiful spirit by scolding her for what just comes natural for her to do.

It made me think to myself this morning? What are my natural instincts? Is it to love? Hmm…honestly, no, I have to do that on purpose. Is it to believe the best about people? Well, no, I have to do that on purpose as well. Is it to serve? Well, no, my natural instinct is to be served. I think actually all of my natural instincts are a little off from what the bible says is important in loving God and loving people. So, I am left like Tyco without cows and sheep in finding a different way to live.

I have to do what the bible says on purpose. I have to love on purpose. I have to trust and believe the best about people on purpose. I have to serve on purpose. I think a purpose driven life is excactly what God’s plan is for us. You see, if we just naturally could do all of these things without help, we wouldn’t need Him as much, and God’s heart demands that we need Him.

in 2 Corinthians 12:9; Paul speaks of what God shared with Him concerning His areas that he struggles in; “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” This scripture gives me such peace. It simply shows us that even though we don’t have natural instincts all the time to do what is right, we have something better, we have God’s grace!

Oh, Lord, thank you for your grace! Thank you for your patience with me while I remember over and over to stop trying to do life on my own and rest in your grace to be victorious. Lord, I desire to stay in the race, relying heavily on grace!

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