The Lord Weighs The Heart

Proverbs 21:2 reads; “All a man’s ways seem right to him, but The Lord weighs the heart.” Wow…does this hit home with me, and the more I speak with other women…it hits home with others, whether they admit it or not. This scripture represents what insecurity will do to our judgment. Insecurity can cause our focus to work like a driver trying to see the road through a foggy window. We interpret things through a foggy filter.

We all know what we are insecure about, and if you say you have no insecurities, you are probably greatly decieved. Insecurity is a thief that attempts to rob us of our joy by constantly reminding us of the “one thing we lack”. I am not talking about simple contentment issues, insecurity reaches deeper than stuff and materialism. Insecurity attacks our heart.

I think that I could write a book about my first year as a social media participant. I never did facebook or twitter, or texting or any of this until I started writing and realized that it was an awesome way to let women know about my writing. I really didn’t understand it, until I joined. Now, most of the time, I really like it. That is until my insecurity demon starts kicking in.

Who can relate? Back before I started texting; when I called a friend, and didn’t get them on the phone, I would leave a message. When they didn’t get back for a day or two, nothing triggered insecurity in me. I just understood that they were busy. Now…when I text a friend, if I don’t hear back from them within a day or so; I begin to wonder if I offended them in some way. My deceitful heart starts to tell myself that I must have said something wrong, done something wrong, or hurt thier feelings in some way. Then………when they text me back the next day and they are perfectly normal with me, I feel stupid that I even thought about it a second.

Who can relate? When I post something on facebook, I am so excited when those likes start coming in one after another….it’s as if the world is confirming that they agree with me…yay…they like me…yay…they actually care what I have to say….
But…if that one friend who normally likes what I have to post doesn’t like it, share it, or comment on it, I assume something is wrong. I wonder again; “what did I do? Did I offend them? Did I mistreat them? Oh my goodness then the people pleasing demon comes at me hard and furiously.
My friends…I know I am not alone in this. Here’s the thing; Why do we do it? Why do we put our faith, hope and trust in whether or not our friends will like our pics, our posts, our comments? Why? I believe it stems from a little word called insecurity.

People pleasing isn’t a new thing, it has been plaguing humans since the dawn of time. It is the same demonic tool that caused the Pharisees to attack Jesus, and eventually demand his life. People pleasing is what drives approval addictions, bullying and countless other sins. Why are we so consumed with caring what society thinks about our every move? I believe it is an idol that has to be cast down to be removed from our lives. You see, anything that exalts itself against what God’s Word says is supposed to be cast down, and God’s Word teaches us to be God pleasers and not man pleasers. God desires that we conquer our insecurities with His secure love. God wants us to turn from our insecuities towards our one true fortress…HIM!

Jesus is the only one who can relieve us of our self-centered insecurities. We allow this kind of healing to happen when we take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on Him and His agenda for us. When we can get up and say; “Lord, my eyes are on you today. You weigh my heart Lord. I don’t see things right without you. Show me who to love today!” Jesus’ agenda for our day is the one that promises peace, joy and abundance. Why would we want any other kind of agenda?

Today, before you post or update, ask Jesus what He wants you to say. I guarantee you will get at least one like….And, His like is all you need.

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7 Responses to The Lord Weighs The Heart

  1. Lindsay says:

    thank you, Mo, from a teary-eyed people pleaser striving to put God first and only be concerned with pleasing Him. love you!

  2. Amen Sister! I too struggle with people pleasing. About a yr ago God showed me Galatians 1:10 and boy oh boy did I have to repent. I still struggle, but I have learned those insecurities about what others think about me are very prideful. Do they like ME? Did I offend them? Did I say something wrong? What did I do? All about me. Not a heart that cares more about others. I am learning the less I think of me the more peace I have. Very hard at times, but more than worth the effort. I can’t control how people feel about me, but I can make every thought captive to Christ and allow Him to renew my mind.

    Thank you for our transparency!

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  4. Crysloves says:

    Coincidentally 😉 read this again today. And just like the last time i posted my testimony im constantly checking to see if anyone has liked or even read it. Last tine i had the most ever views 147, and only 3 likes. All day i kept hearing Him say ‘who exactly did you write this for?’ And each time i had to say, youre right im sorry. Its all about you and i know youre atretching me right now, so thabk you.’ Surprisingly had tremendous peace that day. Thankful for these words as i continue on this path of humble pie eating and exposing the life that Jesus freed me from. He is ENOUGH!

    • momydlo says:

      Oh…Crystal, I love you…it cracks me up because I needed to read it again today. Preaching on insecurity at Unforsaken Women, and how come we can forget our own advice given to others so quickly….I’m like the old Saturday Night Live skit; “The man with the short term memory”. I think it’s a God thing….He wants us to renew our minds daily…It’s not a one time thing! Love that sweet Lord!

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