Right Under Your Nose

Right Under Your Nose

While praying this morning, I had my eyes closed and I was sipping my coffee thanking God for His many blessings in my life;
My husband, my kids, my grandbaby, my dog…”
As I kept praying I thought to myself, “hmmm… where is she? She must be outside watching the sun come up.” I went back to praying.
Tommy walked back in from taking Eli to the bus stop and I looked down to see that Tyco (my dog) was right under my nose the entire time I was praying.
I felt in my Spirit that we do that often in life. We pray for health and protection and blessings, and we pray for God to move in our lives. Yet, we often forget to simply look around and realize we already have these things, and usually we take them for granted.
We pray for healing when we are sick, but we forget to thank Him for health when we are well.
We pray for provisions when the bank account looks low, but we forget to thank Him when the bills are all paid and the fridge is full.
We pray for family to be safe and blessed but we forget to stop all of our busyness and simply spend time enjoying the precious family we have been given.
As I get older and more peaceful as a Christ Follower, I am realizing that most of the things we are praying for, are already right under our nose, we simply must stop and take time to honor the Giver of all of these gifts, God.
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. How about today, we make a choice to simply thank Him for all of the blessings that are right under our nose? God’s Grace is in the moment! Thank Him for each precious blessing that are not actually that far off. They are right under our nose.

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My Daddy Is The Pilot

When I fly I don’t worry about turbulence because my Daddy is the pilot.

When a storm is rolling in I don’t worry about the outcome, My Daddy controls the winds and rain.

When the doctor presents the results of the tests I don’t worry, My Daddy made my body and He knows how to heal it if needed.

When life seems to be spiraling out of control and my comfort zone is completely destroyed, I crawl up into my Daddy’s arms and I rest. I simply say Jesus and wait.
It works every time!
Ask our Daddy for His lap today. He has plenty of room to spare.

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Good Morning

You all know that I say it all of the time, there is a special kind of supernatural anointing that happens in the morning at the beginning of the day with God!
The morning gives us a chance to repent, start again, and begin fresh. Everyday our old shabby souls need refreshing. Not one of us walks through a single day unscathed by this sinful world. So time with God in the morning, is vital.
May you grasp this next year the significance of spending the first fruits of your day with The Father and in His Word!
You’ll never regret it.
“Sorrow May last for the night but joy comes in the morning.”
Good morning y’all!

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No More Chasing Squirrels

No More Chasing Squirrels
Tyco and I went out for our walk today and it was gorgeous out. I think the weather was a perfect 70 degrees. As we were getting our walk on a playful squirrel stepped right in front of Tyco. Tyc looked at him, as if she was going to dart. I braced my shoulder for the inevitable pull I was getting ready to experience, but nothing. She just turned back, faced forward and kept on our path.
I giggled and said “Oh Tyc, back in the day you would have pulled my arm out of joint trying to get that little squirrel, but your older and wiser now. I’m proud of you.”
Oh y’all… are we older and wiser yet? Are we able to discern the paths and plans that God has for us and are we able to stick to those plans? Or are we quickly distracted by every little vermin and little fox that creeps in to try to get us off our path?
I am determined this year to keep my focus on Heavenly things, to keep my eyes on the prize Jesus and to keep my eyes faced forward so I don’t trip.
Will distractions creep in? No doubt! Satan is the author of confusion and he will continue to distract and disturb us as we pursue our spiritual goals and dreams.
But if we can fix our eyes and set our gaze straight ahead wisdom will be proven right by our actions.
Time is of the essence. People need Jesus!
The things of this world will pass. Let’s stop chasing squirrels and get marching on. It’s almost 2021🙏😄

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A New Perspective

A New Perspective
This morning I woke up to these toys on the back porch. I told Tommy Mydlo and Eli that we weren’t picking them up last night as I wanted to give them a good cleaning today, so no need to pick up. I have to admit, that was tough on my OCD, but good for me.
I actually loved waking up to this.
A floor full of toys represents life, and love, and family closeness to me. It didn’t always. When my kids where little, sometimes the day to day chores wore on me. I would hear the devil’s lies and ugly whispers telling me that I wasn’t making any kind of difference in the world picking up toys, changing diapers and teaching my kids manners. The devil would try to get my mind on worldly passions and goals. I would feel frustrated many times with the beautiful season that I was in as a wife and mother.
But not today devil!
I know better!
I know how to decipher lies from truth by judging everything by the Word of God.
I know how short life is. I’ve lost loved ones who I would give my last dime to spend another day with here on Earth. I don’t waste time anymore.
I know how important the hospitality and love and nurturing and discipleship of the next generation is. I know the importance of keeping an eternal perspective.
I know I’m one person. One person cannot change the world. But… one person can truly change one person’s world.
I love the season I’m in right now. God is allowing me to write and teach and minister at a local level, so that I can be the best wife and mother and Mimi I can be while still affecting people across the globe with the truths of God’s Word.
I’ve learned to embrace the boundaries I’ve been given. I’ve learned to be content. I’ve learned to stop and smell every rose. I realized that they always smell the sweetest when picked by little hands. 💙

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”
‭‭Mommies, don’t rush this!
Don’t listen to the devil’s lies! Your job is the most important one on the planet.
Don’t tire of the daily tasks. You’ll miss them someday.
Set your minds on the Kingdom impact you are making in your precious home with your precious family.
I love you mommies.

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I’m Trying!

Trying to eat what I would eat if my doctor was right here!
Trying to say what I would say if my Mama was right here!
Trying to work like I would work if my boss was right here!
Trying to exercise like I would if my trainer (don’t have one😄) was right here!
Trying to love like I would love if Jesus were right here! Because He is! (Christians, we carry Holy Spirit, don’t forget)


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Washing of The Word

The Washing of The Word

We are painting our entire garage so we decided to take the popcorn off of the ceiling. There’s no doubt that most of my revelation for writing comes when I’m sweating, whether I’m the garden, on a project or exercising.
Today as I was scraping popcorn ceiling with Tommy Mydlo I thought of the freshness we are able to experience as new creatures in Christ. Our old sins disappear under the precious blood of Christ.
Yes, our Spirit is made new supernaturally and immediately when we make Jesus Lord. But, our minds, our wills, our emotions, and our bodies all have a long way to go to look like Jesus. There is a scraping away that has to be done, a renewal that only can take place through the crucifixion or our flesh and the renewal of our minds in the Word of God.
As I was spraying the water to loosen the popcorn I thought about the scripture in Ephesians 5:25-26, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,”
‭‭Y’all, The Word washes us clean. When we study it, mediate on it, memorize it, and apply it to our lives, we are truly made more and more holy everyday. It’s not a one time cleansing. We must clean our hearts and minds daily with God’s Holy Word.

How did the ceiling come out? Absolutely fresh. Our floor looked like it snowed in our garage before we swept and washed it, but it was worth it. Now, it’s time for mud and paint.

You know I’ll show you a finished picture. I’m pretty sure I am addicted to before and afters. To see a once dirty, broken piece or room made new, beautiful and fit for a Kingdom, it excites me to no end. I think I get that from God.

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Garbage Day


When you ask God for wisdom, don’t be surprised by the things He uses for analogies and metaphors. I was walking Tyco this morning and I realized it is my least favorite day of the week to walk; garbage day. Yes, I am utterly grateful and thankful for our garbage collectors. What would we do without them? But, after they have come through the neighborhood, every top of every can is hanging open. With open garbage cans, comes a plethora of smells that are not pleasant in any way.

Tyco, being a dog, of course has no issue with stinky things. God only knows why dogs love to smell each other’s butts. But, that is just a dog thing. So, Tyco has no issue with open lids of garbage cans. That is like mama’s milk to her. But, to me, I find myself walking in the middle of the street to avoid the curbside lingering’s.

I was praying and I heard God speak to me. He said, “This is necessary to clean out the junk. Just like your heart has to be cleansed to clean out the junk.” Oh ya’ll….

If we don’t remove the lid, God can’t clean out our junk. The bible says, “the heart is deceitful in every way.” Our hearts are yucky without the washing of the Word. If we close up our hearts to God’s cleansing power, we will never truly get healed. Sometimes we want to just put the lid on the can of our hurts. We want to keep it closed so no one sees our real. We want to quickly shut up the stink. But, if we don’t allow God to invade every area of our lives, we will remain broken and unable to heal.

Healing is stinky. It involves work. It involves study. It involves serving. God wants in to our trash dump of a heart so He can make it what He truly desired it to be; a place where His Spirit leads, a place where joy lives, a place where true servant hood is birthed, a place of peace.

1 Corinthians 4:5 says, “Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart.” You know, sometimes being a teacher, hurts. It does. God wants me to help others, so He makes me feel what others feel. He makes me suffer what is right, so I can preach what is right. You gotta be real to heal. So, God makes me feel the real.

I know, coming out of this quarantine is not going to be easy. People have had the lid on for five months and now that they are having to return into life, some stinky fears are going to surface, some stinky worries are going to linger, and some stinky insecurities are going to have to come out. We can’t keep the lid on. God wants us healed. He wants us whole. He wants us clean. So, there will be a cleansing period, and we all need to prepare.

Those of us that have felt fear and seen God heal, need to be there for others who are afraid.  Those of us who have felt shame and have seen God restore, need to be there for others. Those of us who have felt unloved and have received His love need to share that love with others. We need to walk through the stink with each other for a little while so God can clean us up from this mess. Oh friends, the true healing of God is there for the taking. Just let Him take the lid off once and for all, so you can be cleansed.

Garbage day can teach us so much!



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Copy God!

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:25‬ ‭NIV‬‬
When we went trail riding in Utah Eli’s horse was so cute how he copied everything my horse did. If my horse peed, his peed. If my horse galloped so did his. If my horse whinnied, I would hear his also. He was so adorable how he mimicked whatever mine did.
What if we did that with God?
What if we felt loved, then we gave that love away?
What if we were blessed then we went out and became a blessing to someone?
What if we heard Him speak and we shared His wisdom with others? That’s keeping in step with The Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our Guide, our Teacher, and our example of how to live Godly.
Keeping in step with The Spirit will protect us from dangerous cliffs in life and guide us into all holiness as we follow Him closely and not at a distance. How about today, copy-cat God’s loving ways? This world could use some good followers, true followers of The Way.926631A7-C44A-4C0A-9E9E-8A0D9BB3BCF9

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The Rock Eternal

2F6A1EAC-ACC6-4B6E-BBFE-2E3D092CD6B8Psalm 61:2 says:
“From the ends of the earth I call to you. I call as my heart grows faint, Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.”
While hiking I learned so much about God.
He is the Rock! The Rock eternal. He is our safe place. When hiking you step on many rocks. You begin to see which rocks can be trusted and which cannot.
Some rocks are unsteady and some are trustworthy.
Some people run to the rock of money.
Some run to the rock of education.
Some run to the rock of things.
Some run to the rock of news.
Some run to the rock of people.
All of these rocks may seem steady for a little while, but too quickly they erode and cause you to slip.
The righteous learn real quickly that Jesus is the only Rock that we are to run to. He is the Chief Cornerstone and The Rock that makes many stumble.
They stumble because they don’t believe the truth.
Our Jesus is the Rock that can ALWAYS be trusted.
Will you run to Him today? He will never turn you away.

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